Duration: 45 minutes.  Format: HD 1920×1080.  Year of production: 2017.  Filmed in: Peru, Mexico, Java, Vietnam, Switzerland, France, Cameroon, Madagascar, Costa Rica and Spain.  Languages: Spanish, English, French.  Subtitles: English.

The documentary “Cacahua, a baby that never grows old”, is a film based on fragments of interviews with farmers, scientists, businessmen, politicians, etc., whose common link is the dedication and absolute commitment to cocoa, with its cultivation and its preservation.
These conversations held through 90,000 kms and 4 continents are intended to give voice to the people involved in guaranteeing the survival of a crop that is going through serious problems.

The lack of empathy we have with our planet and with our farmers, the unsustainable demand of markets and policies in some countries, the impoverishment of arable land and climate change, lead us to a systematic disappearance of cocoa and so many other crops.

Directed by:

Ivo Rovira and Ana Ponce

Produced by:

Cacao Barry & 46020studio

Filming & Sound:

Ivo Rovira and Ana Ponce

Edited by:

Lara Isabel Gómez

Design credits by:

Maria Ochoa

Script by:

Ivo Rovira & Ana Ponce

Music by:

Konga Music

Executive producers:

Pascale Meulemeester & Joost Lindeman

Ivo Rovira (Barcelona 1971) and Ana Ponce (Valencia 1972)


Ivo Rovira and Ana Ponce met in 2007 and after living an extensive photographic experience individually, decided to enter the world of film and especially the documentary. In addition to their personal work, their records extend to the editorial, documentary, advertising and sports fields. Installed in the city of Barcelona (Spain), they work all over the world carrying out projects for foundations, non-governmental organizations and private companies such as CacaoBarry, Children Action, ONCE, Alinghi ….. etc
Ivo and Ana, although they use and appreciate the digital age, have never left behind their analogical formation and their obsession with framing, the search for light and their love for cinema. They prefer to work with human and technical teams as small as possible so as not to alter “the realities” that they will film and photograph.


List of Characters
Tiara Setiadi
Swakarya plantation owner
Tiara Setiadi is the entrepreneur who owns the largest cocoa plantation in INDONESIA. Located in the Sukabumi region on the island of Java, it employs more than 10,000 farming families. For many years he has focused all his efforts on the eradication of pesticides and inorganic fertilizers in his cocoa...
Marcos Cruz
Cocoa Farmer
Marcos Cruz is a cocoa farmer from the Nahualt indigenous community in Paso de Cupilco, Tabasco, MEXICO. The lack of aid from the government and the struggle without a prize against pests and diseases, cause these farmers to knock down the cacao trees, which belong to their family for more...
Ramiro Saavedra
Cocoa Producer at Alto el Sol.
Ramiro Saavedra is a successful cocoa producer in the San Martin region, PERU. In the 90s, he decided to replace the cultivation of coca for the cultivation of cocoa. Now he runs the Alto el Sol plantation.
Jaozafy Jaosenga
President of ADAPS cooperative
Jaozafy Jaosenga  was until a few years ago the president of the ADAPS cooperative, dedicated to cacao, in the Sambirano valley, MADAGASCAR. The plantations in Madagascar, by not exceeding 2 hectares, obliges farmers to make associated crops of cocoa and fruit trees. That allows them to survive throughout the year...
Anowi Fred
Cocoa Farmer
Anowi Fred is a farmer and buyer of cocoa, from the Bafaw tribe, in the Kumba region in CAMEROON. Due to the amount of rain during the drying season, farmers in Cameroon are forced to use drying ovens, which smokes cocoa beans and makes them more difficult to process in...
Professor Phuoc
Director of the World Cocoa Foundation
Professor Phuoc is the director of the World Cocoa Foundation at The Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City in VIETNAM. Called the "Cocoa Guru" by his colleagues from other countries, he leads the beginning of Vietnam as an emerging country in the cultivation of cocoa. His studies in...
Brian Horsley
Marañón Chocolate CEO
Brian Horsley, USA, has lived in PERU for more than 15 years. He is president of Marañón Chocolates. He is an expert in new cocoa processing systems and defends the unique Origin cocoas.
Philippe Troplin
Cocoa Research & Development Innovation Manager
Philippe Troplin, Louviers, FRANCE. He has been working with cocoa for the last 38 years. Nowadays his main role is to instil knowledge and to manage the gourmet products and innovations for Barry Callebaut. According to Philippe, the future is still unmapped when it comes to unraveling the secrets in...
Wilbert Phillips
International expert on diseases and cacao breeding
Wilbert Phillips is an international expert on diseases and cacao breeding in CATIE, Turrialba, COSTA RICA. The breeding programme that he leads is having a significant impact on Central America and Mexico making available to thousands of producers new varieties of high-yield, disease-tolerant and good quality cacao.
Yuriria Iturriaga
Anthropologist and ethnocook
Yuriria Iturriaga has been fighting against intensive crops in her country for many years. Defender of  the polycultures, using the Milpa Mexicana as an example, to save the unique varieties of cocoa and so many other crops. She fights for the kitchens of "our mothers" be declared a World Heritage...
Cinzia Anselmi
Head of Global Agro Science
Cinzia Anselmi, Montreux, SWITZERLAND. She leaded the development of the agronomy strategy and execution within all origin countries for Cacao Barry. Defend without any doubt that to improve the quality of cocoa must defend farmers and provide them with the knowledge they lack.
Fabiola Muñoz
Peru Forestry and Wildlife General Director
Fabiola Muñoz is the Forestry and Wildlife General Director in PERU. She carries out a work of awareness with the society and the farmers for the cultivation of high quality cocoa compatible with the safeguard of the Amazonian forests. Her challenge: make this a reality in the years to come.
Eyabu Elangwe
President of Konafcoop
Eyabu Elangwe is president of the Konafcoop cooperative in the Konye district of CAMEROON. This cooperative includes farmers from 14 districts that work in the interior of the jungle and suffer when transporting fresh cocoa to the main warehouse due to the poor condition of the unpaved roads.

In the field